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today we checkout the highest viewed content in tiktok history
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Zach King
Zach King 2 місяці tagasi
oh...this is ackward...hi
RivalX 11 päeva tagasi
Emi JUJU 14 päeva tagasi
Eliezar Miranda
Eliezar Miranda 16 päeva tagasi
Sup zach
KalayaKhloe 18 päeva tagasi
Yourboytakana 24 päeva tagasi
Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald 16 minutit tagasi
Does toxic chemicals you said in the David dobrik tiktok is acctuly elephant toothpaste
DJ Pykerman
DJ Pykerman 18 minutit tagasi
He is a to good for dancing tik toks
James Franklin
James Franklin 25 minutit tagasi
The afraid attic subsequently handle because secure congruently shock sans a erratic jeans. precious, highfalutin cattle
Zara Gabriela
Zara Gabriela 36 minutit tagasi
The addicted cast particularly reply because singer randomly chew a a uninterested skill. harmonious, well-made pair
The Mighty Wolf
The Mighty Wolf Tund tagasi
I mean he got 18m views
Jerimiah Poling
Jerimiah Poling Tund tagasi
Why dose he say 136 million views but is is 140 million
Matthew Grooby
Matthew Grooby Tund tagasi
Etherest Tund tagasi
Im going to be real if your a girl then you have an advantage when it comes to social media the simps are way to powerful
Shauna Weedon
Shauna Weedon Tund tagasi
Put some pants on lanen
Joseph Whitsitt
Joseph Whitsitt Tund tagasi
The final ten were so disappointing
Yvonne Drane
Yvonne Drane Tund tagasi
Does anybody notice he was wearing pwr merch by lachlan
Träsh KÅt
Träsh KÅt Tund tagasi
Tik tok is a confusing place
Wyatt Hamilton
Wyatt Hamilton Tund tagasi
196 million simps
Wyatt Hamilton
Wyatt Hamilton Tund tagasi
Lazer be rockin a mullet
D 4444
D 4444 2 tundi tagasi
The channel of mysterys Where is jacob?
The channel of mysterys Where is jacob? 2 tundi tagasi
3:35 thats L$D frog
jolene garcia
jolene garcia 2 tundi tagasi
Nice wrap dance lazzer
E Man
E Man 2 tundi tagasi
I am surprised that no Charlie
Bob The Monkey
Bob The Monkey 3 tundi tagasi
1:34 and that my dudes is why you don't do it with socks on
Thomas Fieschi-Rose
Thomas Fieschi-Rose 3 tundi tagasi
"I just have to become an adorable female" Ask F1nn5ter for tips when you do.
Christian Diaz Varon
Christian Diaz Varon 3 tundi tagasi
When you see how concentrated laze beam is when he see Addison Rae.
pavneet cheema
pavneet cheema 3 tundi tagasi
I like frogs
ethandefault 3 tundi tagasi
"honestly its just simps" why would you say something so controversial yet so brave
Thomas Fenlon
Thomas Fenlon 3 tundi tagasi
I am bored too
Yoana Martinez
Yoana Martinez 3 tundi tagasi
by the way it wasint a toxic chemical spill it was just something called elephant toothpaste
Valerie Wright
Valerie Wright 3 tundi tagasi
now way you ar cool zach king
Valerie Wright
Valerie Wright 3 tundi tagasi
Veer Bharat
Veer Bharat 3 tundi tagasi
What gender are u Like=attack helicopter Reply=toaster
frank rizzo
frank rizzo 4 tundi tagasi
Love the videos laser
Some Weirdos
Some Weirdos 4 tundi tagasi
Jesus Guerrero
Jesus Guerrero 4 tundi tagasi
hahaha zach king replyed
Kristen Miller
Kristen Miller 4 tundi tagasi
The blue stuff is elighent toothpaste
Marlon Gomez
Marlon Gomez 4 tundi tagasi
The intro Lazar beams intro:mad lad
Ryan Bond
Ryan Bond 4 tundi tagasi
Lazar beam gonna make me act up with the wap 😫
Emma Hix
Emma Hix 5 tundi tagasi
The possible tomato serendipitously trip because tachometer alternatively last modulo a scandalous step-grandfather. obtainable, messy pharmacist
Jennifer Warren
Jennifer Warren 5 tundi tagasi
00:29 -00:32 WAP DANCE LIKE WOW
Michael Castillo
Michael Castillo 5 tundi tagasi
No one Lazarbeam where is my simps
Pyrofiz 5 tundi tagasi
Can u respect he has a Lachlan pwr shirt on
Jennifer Brown-Bassle
Jennifer Brown-Bassle 6 tundi tagasi
kensey ann
kensey ann 6 tundi tagasi
Lazar: All I need to do is become an adorable female, I'm going to make it happen.
EpicBoss Productions
EpicBoss Productions 6 tundi tagasi
Can we talk about how he is wearing a pwr hoddie not his own merch 😹😹😹
Robert Hicks
Robert Hicks 6 tundi tagasi
A wild 🦴r appeared
Isaac Reyes
Isaac Reyes 6 tundi tagasi
That mom doing that trend going up the stairs LOL
Aidan Youmans
Aidan Youmans 6 tundi tagasi
Mystery FN
Mystery FN 7 tundi tagasi
Kara Coulter
Kara Coulter 7 tundi tagasi
That is elephant toothpaste on the first video or another words devils something very hot at first but you can actually jump in it
Gouda Chan
Gouda Chan 8 tundi tagasi
Lazarbeam: mom got moves *2 secs later* Mom*falls down stairs€
Raayan Chhetri
Raayan Chhetri 8 tundi tagasi
When lazarbeam saw this he was editing
NEEMIAS RAMOS 8 tundi tagasi
s i mp
Grace C
Grace C 8 tundi tagasi
Awesome Pic
Awesome Pic 8 tundi tagasi
Lazer: enjoy it Me: no I’m a girl! Jesus
Arrian Wreh
Arrian Wreh 8 tundi tagasi
really great and hi zack king
PR0 GAMER F0X 8 tundi tagasi
Dam Lazr looking thicccccccccccc
isawesome 8 tundi tagasi
umm are we going to not talk about the tag still on his vest\
E Sa
E Sa 8 tundi tagasi
It’s kinda sad that a girl can bib her head for 15 seconds and get millions of views, but as the great lazarbeam said “IT EZZ WHAT IT EZZ”
Bacon bois
Bacon bois 9 tundi tagasi
Satan 9 tundi tagasi
2:46 me when you leave Kentucky fried chicken in the fridge
Satan 9 tundi tagasi
That had me cracking up so hard 😂
Gaming with Derek
Gaming with Derek 9 tundi tagasi
Ay wsp bruh im a fortnight gamer
Oluwalani Adedeji
Oluwalani Adedeji 9 tundi tagasi
6:14 I bleached my eyes...
natia partskhaladze
natia partskhaladze 9 tundi tagasi
mom got moves but shes moving in the wrong direction lmao im dying
FabianSE 9 tundi tagasi
4:47, look at his face, notice how when she starts shaking, he looks a lil bit down💀👀
Bradley SANGSTON 10 tundi tagasi
Tick-tock mother🤬
Jr alicea
Jr alicea 10 tundi tagasi
TheMotorMouthMerc 31
TheMotorMouthMerc 31 10 tundi tagasi
Honestly why is it that one of Addison Rae’s most watched videos is her twerking. That’s disgusting. If she wants to go and be weirdo shaking her butt, she can go do that at a strip club and do that there, NOT TIKTOK. It’s people like her who make people think that that’s okay, when in all actuality, it’s not really. Nobody needs to be desensitized to that disgusting S#!T. What do you guys think in about it. Thank you for taking your time to look at my opinion and giving me your guys’ opinion.
person 10 tundi tagasi
a lot of people watch it so people do watch that stuff
BuckeyeShark 11 tundi tagasi
Nobody: Lazarbeam: IM BORED
Jack Harlin
Jack Harlin 11 tundi tagasi
You literally look like Ryan Williams!! 🤣🤣 I love you bro 😎
Yo bo Y
Yo bo Y 12 tundi tagasi
Lazar just stop I’m already skimping over you doing the wap
SO EPIC! 12 tundi tagasi
The reason he left to not see the WAP was just like.. a bad idea because he had to go back and edit the video anyway...
G.M S.
G.M S. 12 tundi tagasi
Thats why kids dont do tik toks unless you love zach king
Sofia Alves Lima
Sofia Alves Lima 13 tundi tagasi
Wait a minute, Lazar have anyother clothe than a hoodie?
my name is FB
my name is FB 13 tundi tagasi
This video was demonitized 5 times for song copyright
Insane Reaper27
Insane Reaper27 13 tundi tagasi
adison's veiwers are probably simps
Lyric Corner
Lyric Corner 13 tundi tagasi
7:05 see his face
Sebastian Chmielewski
Sebastian Chmielewski 13 tundi tagasi
Lazerbeam:what's to jump in toxic chemical. Me:It is elephant toothpaste or devil toothpaste
Daruma KoKoh
Daruma KoKoh 13 tundi tagasi
Just realized 2.1b is way more dan lazar's iq
Nouri Mousa
Nouri Mousa 14 tundi tagasi
this is just a video about lazerbeam getting hes mind blow my the king myself
Flyxz 14 tundi tagasi
Imma simp for u
Noble Sol627
Noble Sol627 15 tundi tagasi
Fun fact the most followed tiktoker didn’t get on this list bc she buys followers
Itz Awsum
Itz Awsum 15 tundi tagasi
Lieuwe Bruinsma
Lieuwe Bruinsma 16 tundi tagasi
number 5 was not originally from gaytok
Angel_knight4 17 tundi tagasi
I will always simp for u lazar
•Arched• 17 tundi tagasi
Lazar trying to do the wack be like Dream playing fortnite
Itz_madame Alaska
Itz_madame Alaska 17 tundi tagasi
I'm just here to watch lazar do the wap dance
Preet Soni
Preet Soni 17 tundi tagasi
Lit intro
The world of Numan
The world of Numan 17 tundi tagasi
Watch our new channel "The world of Numan "Thanks
Datu Rayden
Datu Rayden 17 tundi tagasi
Lazar:DONT USE THICC ON ME!! Me: *T* *H* *I* *C* *C*
Datu Rayden
Datu Rayden 17 tundi tagasi
They said they will delete tiktok in America but they lied great a great liar america-__-
gamer girl123
gamer girl123 18 tundi tagasi
Daya Sakariya
Daya Sakariya 20 tundi tagasi
ooh my good zach commented
Myles Gaming Poppie :D
Myles Gaming Poppie :D 20 tundi tagasi
The top 5 were mostly just Zach King
Fun Times
Fun Times 20 tundi tagasi
You got 18 million simps
LoeY 21 tund tagasi
My mom: why don't you go out and play with the neighbors kid The neighbors kid: 4:14 - 4:36
Levi John's Kids Channel
Levi John's Kids Channel 21 tund tagasi
I,v defindly seen this vido
Dank Memeskid
Dank Memeskid 21 tund tagasi
This guy really said am out
Claire Gordon
Claire Gordon 21 tund tagasi
When lazarbeam sees a David Dobric “this is going to be ahell of a reaction”
MrSolar 3 tundi tagasi
Ocean O'Leary
Ocean O'Leary 21 tund tagasi
Ocean O'Leary
Ocean O'Leary 21 tund tagasi
The first one is elephant tooth
AKA Daddy Digs
AKA Daddy Digs 21 tund tagasi
they way he screams at zac king I CANNOT
Supercraft 67
Supercraft 67 22 tundi tagasi
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