I Played Roblox FORTNITE (actually good)

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lazar has returned to roblox fortnite but this time hes actually playing
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LazarBeam 4 місяці tagasi
Once again i know everyone can play roblox (ive had alot of fun with the game) but alot of young kids play it so i thought itd be funny to chat shit :)
Lilyanna Marie
Lilyanna Marie 9 päeva tagasi
Say shit
Dark- trooperYT
Dark- trooperYT 2 місяці tagasi
Francisco Moreno
Francisco Moreno 2 місяці tagasi
i like your vid's
Plukka Ross
Plukka Ross 3 місяці tagasi
LazarBeam Yeet
Crunchyboi 4 місяці tagasi
I can’t type
Violet Yu
Violet Yu 14 minutit tagasi
im eight years old sucka
PurplePatrick 6 tundi tagasi
island royal go brrrr
Sunken 11 tundi tagasi
All the 8 year olds Fortnite is a rip off of strucid sue epic games
MMRaynor 89
MMRaynor 89 21 tund tagasi
THISSS IS SO FUNNYYY keep doing this lazar its so
zac torbey
zac torbey 21 tund tagasi
yes they are 8 :]
Kason Fore
Kason Fore 23 tundi tagasi
G I v e m e r o b u x
Xbop Gamer
Xbop Gamer Päev tagasi
Hey LAZAR you want Fortnite in Roblox try island royale
Logan Monaghan
Logan Monaghan Päev tagasi
I could easily crank on fresh in stucid. Fortnite tho: NOPE
Blake B
Blake B Päev tagasi
Once he said g fuel I was like I have that crap every minute
Helios Blackdeer
Helios Blackdeer Päev tagasi
Fresh and lezar is to op
Dank_Thomas_2.0 Päev tagasi
Lazarbeam: you'll find out what it means when ur older. Me: my mom taught me young...
Deniz Kiray
Deniz Kiray Päev tagasi
But im subed and 10 years old
Sheree Barratt
Sheree Barratt Päev tagasi
Go to the Sackville mate
Zachary Carter
Zachary Carter 2 päeva tagasi
You killed me
Amanda Jade
Amanda Jade 2 päeva tagasi
-20 year old man screaming at 8 year old kids because he won-
ANTONIA RAMOS 2 päeva tagasi
The Gamers
The Gamers 2 päeva tagasi
Use code: Lazar
Armanix Legend
Armanix Legend 2 päeva tagasi
Kid : Mom I want Fortnite Mom : We got Fortnite at home Fortnite at home* :
Ethan wise
Ethan wise 2 päeva tagasi
i am a kid
Hans Vink
Hans Vink 2 päeva tagasi
lazar u got problems u 2 year old
RaZe Ash
RaZe Ash 2 päeva tagasi
Deleted *
Foxie 2 päeva tagasi
la lazearbeam 8 year olds do not eat glue
Sarwar Hossain
Sarwar Hossain 2 päeva tagasi
Robux more like bobux
Hicham Elkhadiji
Hicham Elkhadiji 2 päeva tagasi
Notice how freshs name is use fresh code 😬😬
Jaiels World
Jaiels World 2 päeva tagasi
What’s the game called?
Drizz Power
Drizz Power 3 päeva tagasi
Lazar: they are 8 year olds Randumb: am I a joke to you
Fatal Haydo
Fatal Haydo 3 päeva tagasi
What game is that called on roblox
Austin Walker
Austin Walker 3 päeva tagasi
I wonder how many wins lazarbeam has in duos with fresh
Tyler Likes Toyz
Tyler Likes Toyz 3 päeva tagasi
I don’t get one episode he said that 12 year olds don’t know limits the he said that an 8 year old is not in elementery
Jacob Lin
Jacob Lin 3 päeva tagasi
Play islands royals on roblox it’s better quality and cranking feels sooo good
Romie Angelo
Romie Angelo 3 päeva tagasi
And if we're so bad and we eat glue and you don't understand us will then how come the first kill was you dying from a so-called eight-year-old
Romie Angelo
Romie Angelo 3 päeva tagasi
Tyler Tobias
Tyler Tobias 3 päeva tagasi
im 9 and i can beat u
Caitlin Bradley
Caitlin Bradley 4 päeva tagasi
good vid dude am defo gonna leave a like
Trixzyy_Youtube 4 päeva tagasi
I know lazarbeam won’t see this but if he does do this lazar. U should skybase is strucidnit would be hillarious and u would get actually I don’t know what u would get but do it if u see this
SeanTheHairJel 4 päeva tagasi
Among us in Roblox is next
Vincent Zhu
Vincent Zhu 4 päeva tagasi
grown child be like
ballistic279 v
ballistic279 v 4 päeva tagasi
speaking about shit and shit there face :)
Jenny Smith
Jenny Smith 4 päeva tagasi
What is the game called pls I want to play it
henkkazor 4 päeva tagasi
holy shit the animations and characters look soo fucking stupid
Izac Alvarez
Izac Alvarez 4 päeva tagasi
How do you hop in game
Tm Astro
Tm Astro 4 päeva tagasi
Lazar do a sky base
Ashley Bender
Ashley Bender 4 päeva tagasi
What’s this game called
SOUR 4 päeva tagasi
What is this called?
TYERICK BERRY 5 päeva tagasi
Oscar Wong
Oscar Wong 5 päeva tagasi
I like how he used the same music that Dope or Nope uses. A legend listening to another legends music. Perfection.
Indian tank Man
Indian tank Man 5 päeva tagasi
Alexplays 219
Alexplays 219 5 päeva tagasi
My dad has a lambo My dad spent 25000 robux on a game
Liam Hermsen
Liam Hermsen 5 päeva tagasi
Fortnite is not free on Xbox
James Hagely
James Hagely 5 päeva tagasi
I’m a god at that game
among us
among us 5 päeva tagasi
That is a Barcelona kit
default slayer
default slayer 5 päeva tagasi
Cuss is dad grabs spoon oh god
AgentT7 young Fly
AgentT7 young Fly 5 päeva tagasi
You always forget to click every time you want to build.
Hoyt Steinke
Hoyt Steinke 6 päeva tagasi
When you play with season 1 graphics
IcyDahPro 6 päeva tagasi
Dem 8 yr olds be whining and then see this video 8 Yr olds:
RockedFear 6 päeva tagasi
play strucid with fresh
McMatoXYT 6 päeva tagasi
what is the name of this game
Steven Senn
Steven Senn 6 päeva tagasi
If you press load out and you can change your gun
Steven Senn
Steven Senn 6 päeva tagasi
Fruitty 6 päeva tagasi
I use star code lazar and creator code lazar because he’s the best
Franky Moone
Franky Moone 7 päeva tagasi
Ahahhahah fresh still carying lazer
Franky Moone
Franky Moone 7 päeva tagasi
I no u trying to teach the kids about the real word but this is a bit to much
Lazy Zombie
Lazy Zombie 7 päeva tagasi
People dont play the real fortnite because it's over 80 GB!!!!! and roblox fortnite is completely free and it uses no GB or MB. Like if you agree
MiniSway ZF
MiniSway ZF 7 päeva tagasi
Your better than me in normal fortnite
MiniSway ZF
MiniSway ZF 7 päeva tagasi
Lazer your good at Roblox fortnite
Darttaws On mobile
Darttaws On mobile 8 päeva tagasi
Pls post more strucid
Sanja Todorović
Sanja Todorović 8 päeva tagasi
what is a name of that roblox gamme
Matthew Pham
Matthew Pham 8 päeva tagasi
Ha ha im one of those 8 years old who is a god at this game
Garrett williams
Garrett williams 8 päeva tagasi
Victory Laser beam. IM A REAL MAN YEAAAAAAA!!!! Me. Wow
David DiazUceda
David DiazUceda 8 päeva tagasi
ur very mean tho
Dr Kamin
Dr Kamin 8 päeva tagasi
so rud
Phillipp Riccitelli
Phillipp Riccitelli 8 päeva tagasi
“I don’t know why they play this instead of fortnite which is also free” Because our computers are shit
Joseph Stockey
Joseph Stockey 3 päeva tagasi
And even if i had a good pc i just genuinely think strucid is a more fun experience
Kaeden XD
Kaeden XD 6 päeva tagasi
honesly tho w
Dew the producer
Dew the producer 8 päeva tagasi
200 ping is bad? I though 500 was really good I normally run 700 ping (I’m not kidding)
Eren Güneş
Eren Güneş 8 päeva tagasi
whats the game name
Solid Sayaiin
Solid Sayaiin 8 päeva tagasi
code lazar use it now so you can suppurt lazarbeam remerber
No One
No One 9 päeva tagasi
What’s the game called
Azpext 9 päeva tagasi
Lazarbeam 1v1 me in strucid my name is funnymrsuperfish I will poop on you
Rightas Rainn
Rightas Rainn 9 päeva tagasi
Anyone else watching this in 2021
Da'Quan Wicker
Da'Quan Wicker 10 päeva tagasi
IMMA GROWN MAAAANNNNNN YEEEEEEEHHHHHH" me:why a GwRoN mAn playing a 8 Yr oLd game he must be 8
Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith 10 päeva tagasi
Is this game still available
XxNight Raider GamingxX
XxNight Raider GamingxX 10 päeva tagasi
His celebration is like an 8 year old lol
Henry sgaud
Henry sgaud 10 päeva tagasi
What is the name
Arquin Wayne Zorilla
Arquin Wayne Zorilla 10 päeva tagasi
what is that game in fortnite?
MOHAMMADYT 246 10 päeva tagasi
What's the game name
Declan Pelfrey
Declan Pelfrey 10 päeva tagasi
you should play with fresh in this game like if you agree
Let's Go Go
Let's Go Go 11 päeva tagasi
what is the name of the roblox game
Cowan Plays
Cowan Plays 11 päeva tagasi
Amoura Najjar
Amoura Najjar 11 päeva tagasi
I can destroy u in struid not a hate comment but true
Raquel Cachero
Raquel Cachero 11 päeva tagasi
Lazar I'm 9 wdym
bore lool
bore lool 11 päeva tagasi
Lennon spends 10,000$ on roblox. Mom: Mom: wE CaN SpEnD THe MoNeY oN SomeThIng ElSe ImpOrTanT IN lIfe. Me: DISCRIMINATED 😠
De Vergiftigde Kakkerlak
De Vergiftigde Kakkerlak 11 päeva tagasi
Plot twist: This is the game fortnite copied...
Yaziz Emier Mohd Yusoff
Yaziz Emier Mohd Yusoff 12 päeva tagasi
Can i 1v1 u give me ur username
Folashade Borokini
Folashade Borokini 12 päeva tagasi
my favortive part was when fresh haha mr beam
yes 12 päeva tagasi
Beaner Noel
Beaner Noel 12 päeva tagasi
Make fresh play this and see if he’s good
Dark Gamer
Dark Gamer 13 päeva tagasi
its because fortnite graphics are too high for normal pc and roblox takes less graphics
Sweatzy Productions
Sweatzy Productions 13 päeva tagasi
Is it just me or every time he said welcome to the real world it triggered me so hard
LEGO Lord 13 päeva tagasi
The game was so good even the description thought it was fortnite
Christmas Doge
Christmas Doge 13 päeva tagasi
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