I Played Minecraft BABY MODE

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minecraft has returned this is sooo cool
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Luke Mizerak
Luke Mizerak 2 tundi tagasi
Currently has 6.9 million views just a casual day
crimson master
crimson master 8 tundi tagasi
Adrian Shah
Adrian Shah 9 tundi tagasi
How did you get this mod
BSTOSS 9 tundi tagasi
Nobody: Lannan: So a little feature I didn't tell you about
Spark ImmortaL
Spark ImmortaL 11 tundi tagasi
Random_ Youtuber
Random_ Youtuber 12 tundi tagasi
6.9 million views
Shopping on Tuesdays MTG
Shopping on Tuesdays MTG 14 tundi tagasi
Desmond Murray
Desmond Murray 15 tundi tagasi
Lazer what the fuck
Ayden Miniard
Ayden Miniard Päev tagasi
i beat mincraft in 11;mins
Burton Babbitt
Burton Babbitt Päev tagasi
lannan is actually has a very good minecraft series and despite him saying he sucks, i think hes actually pretty good
Catherine De Felice
Catherine De Felice Päev tagasi
Btw someone did it legit in 13 minutes
Zoo Creeper
Zoo Creeper Päev tagasi
dude sometimes i wanna punch lazar in the face
mkm cap
mkm cap Päev tagasi
Dream: “I am about to end this guys whole career” Also dream: “Beats baby mode in less than 30 seconds”
furiousbeluga Päev tagasi
comment stealer
OobleGoo Päev tagasi
Got 7 7475
Got 7 7475 Päev tagasi
I get too cocky in games too and I learn the hard way
Rebecca Hester
Rebecca Hester Päev tagasi
Love how ok baby mode he can’t beat the current record which is 13:04
mkm cap
mkm cap Päev tagasi
Me thinking that Lazar could get it on first try Video: Attempt 1 Me: Oh...
Ofelia Angulo
Ofelia Angulo 2 päeva tagasi
how do you do that
Essence Art
Essence Art 2 päeva tagasi
lazarbeam i am the best minecraft speedrunner korbanoes am i a joke to you
Essence Art
Essence Art 2 päeva tagasi
guiness world record for the minecraft champion lazarbeam
Jacob Dunlop
Jacob Dunlop 2 päeva tagasi
If you made the avatar then you have to make the four nations
Denver Gaudreau
Denver Gaudreau 2 päeva tagasi
Man you are good -_-
DRReaper 2 päeva tagasi
1 second of the world record:(
Reuben Masters
Reuben Masters 2 päeva tagasi
Pls upload more I'm your biggest fan I do understand it's tiering but vlogs are really call and there the communitys favourite keep up your good content and stay safe
Khala Higgs
Khala Higgs 2 päeva tagasi
Haw do you beat mincraft?
NC_WillGaPill 3 päeva tagasi
Taco Guy 2000
Taco Guy 2000 3 päeva tagasi
If you say no u in baby mode to the Ender dragon then you 1 shot it
Pure_96hours Is cute
Pure_96hours Is cute 3 päeva tagasi
My mullets better
Ahmad Amir
Ahmad Amir 3 päeva tagasi
nice in baby mode finding some dimonds
Animation DAB
Animation DAB 3 päeva tagasi
"Do I look worried im not worried" Lazarbeam inside:AHHHHHHHHHHHH
ThatOneGuy 2 päeva tagasi
Sebastian Bazaj
Sebastian Bazaj 3 päeva tagasi
Fake speed runs be like
Sebastian Bazaj
Sebastian Bazaj 3 päeva tagasi
Dream is like the fresh of Minecraft.
ThatOneGuy 2 päeva tagasi
U really commented two time
Elliott Rice
Elliott Rice 3 päeva tagasi
creative i'm the easiest game mode spectator no I am I can go through walls armatures what was that punk armatures *baby mode*
Pingson gaming
Pingson gaming 3 päeva tagasi
lazarbeam do your own minecraft server
Michelle Tremblay
Michelle Tremblay 3 päeva tagasi
When i was a noob at minecraft i was in creative and i accidentally found the ender pearl portal I had no idea what it was at the time so for some reason I made a house out of it
fine times
fine times 3 päeva tagasi
Some one did it on 3 min 6 secc
Mitchell Pyke
Mitchell Pyke 3 päeva tagasi
Where is lazar from
ThatOneGuy 2 päeva tagasi
Music Music
Music Music 3 päeva tagasi
Fundy is gay
тera 4 päeva tagasi
ThatOneGuy 2 päeva tagasi
karim saab
karim saab 4 päeva tagasi
i love youre vids fundy and lazer beam
Heather Barnes
Heather Barnes 4 päeva tagasi
Why didt you just wish for dinoms
Undoable vlogs
Undoable vlogs 4 päeva tagasi
Hi I got a iPhone 11
Undoable vlogs
Undoable vlogs 4 päeva tagasi
Dark Matter
Dark Matter 4 päeva tagasi
You should try to mess with command blocks look up what commands you can do with it.
FS12 Behind Seens
FS12 Behind Seens 4 päeva tagasi
Lazarbeam: I do crap for a living
Dominique Fletcher
Dominique Fletcher 4 päeva tagasi
This man is a legend
Ziad El Sayed
Ziad El Sayed 4 päeva tagasi
Ziad El Sayed
Ziad El Sayed 4 päeva tagasi
Imperial Gaurdsmen
Imperial Gaurdsmen 5 päeva tagasi
Ngl I was a fan of Lazar since the Madden days and it's nice to see him so successful now
PEPSICOPLAYZ 22 5 päeva tagasi
How do you get this mode
ThatOneGuy 2 päeva tagasi
No u
Ramon Nunez
Ramon Nunez 5 päeva tagasi
No u
Logan Gomez
Logan Gomez 5 päeva tagasi
U can kill cows then they respawn Me: ThE cIrCe Of LiFe
Credi playz
Credi playz 5 päeva tagasi
I want a baby mode link are you stupid big youtuber lazerbeam
Genuine Ant
Genuine Ant 5 päeva tagasi
This is so funny when u say BABY MODE LOL
Luke The 6 Year Old Gamer
Luke The 6 Year Old Gamer 5 päeva tagasi
Depressed Gilbert
Depressed Gilbert 5 päeva tagasi
[BULLY]-Eat my shorts loser [kid being bullied] no u [Bully]Ive been defeated
YSW Slim3
YSW Slim3 6 päeva tagasi
This is so disappointing u can’t even beat the ps4 player that finished 13 minutes but not baby mode only easy and he literally spawned near a village with a ocean BUT HE SAW A STRONG HOLD IN THE WATER
Adam Maarouff
Adam Maarouff 6 päeva tagasi
Nathan Ellis
Nathan Ellis 6 päeva tagasi
dude everyone unsub to this guy hes a joke
ZonalFn 6 päeva tagasi
And now he is on the DREAM SMP
clayton baldwin
clayton baldwin 6 päeva tagasi
Plot twist:he needed help to complete it
Siah BTW
Siah BTW 6 päeva tagasi
I Though you were vegan!?!?!?!?!?!
Darksoul Gaming
Darksoul Gaming 6 päeva tagasi
U should have got the dragon egg u could do it watch a video on how to obtain it
Ziggy 7 päeva tagasi
Perfect for me!
L.P. 7 päeva tagasi
This reminds me of that saying where it said something like lazy people find the quickest way to complete a task
Owen Kobel
Owen Kobel 7 päeva tagasi
Plot twist: he WAS in creative mode
Angel Vazquez
Angel Vazquez 8 päeva tagasi
not anymore fundy
Franciska Berg-Doshi
Franciska Berg-Doshi 8 päeva tagasi
more mine pls
KhotimahNK Channel
KhotimahNK Channel 8 päeva tagasi
What a shit man
KhotimahNK Channel
KhotimahNK Channel 8 päeva tagasi
What a cry baby
KhotimahNK Channel
KhotimahNK Channel 8 päeva tagasi
Loser ahahahhaahahahaha
KhotimahNK Channel
KhotimahNK Channel 8 päeva tagasi
What a embarrassment.
hewasjacobmarly 8 päeva tagasi
lazarBeam fer is a beter ore fan dimunds it is cold neverite and make a new werlde
Sean Jacob De Guzman
Sean Jacob De Guzman 8 päeva tagasi
Only normal minecraft you will get world records
Dr Bandersnatch
Dr Bandersnatch 8 päeva tagasi
All hail king lazar the minecraft man
Diannelle Lacambra
Diannelle Lacambra 8 päeva tagasi
“No u” 😂
Advik Nandin nn
Advik Nandin nn 8 päeva tagasi
U know u not m8
Christian Wright
Christian Wright 9 päeva tagasi
Oh hi Minecraft guy
Fully Frickin' Festive [TF2 and vlogs]
Fully Frickin' Festive [TF2 and vlogs] 9 päeva tagasi
dream could do this in about... ummmm... i think about 5 minutes lol
Jake The Snake Plays
Jake The Snake Plays 9 päeva tagasi
I love it that LazarBeam beats the World Record better than Dream. Me and my friends really hate dream because he rigged the Minecraft voting just to get a squid. He literally said "If you vote Glow Squid, I will follow you". So, they did, but he lied to them. He may of made an apology, but a simple sorry can't fix the whole Minecraft Community.
Beast 99
Beast 99 9 päeva tagasi
As I write this uuuhhh I’m taking a um a nice diarrhea
Roland Stylez Estrada
Roland Stylez Estrada 10 päeva tagasi
He spawned in the worst biome
Arturo jr. Arzadon
Arturo jr. Arzadon 10 päeva tagasi
Lazarbeam: “Well theres ONE more feature I didn’t tell you about.... Summons Thanos
Shafay Mahmood
Shafay Mahmood 5 päeva tagasi
u like copying stuff huh?
Harriet Peters
Harriet Peters 10 päeva tagasi
Lazar: if only spiders could everperate in the real world Me: if only the corona virus could everperate in the real world
E&E TUBE 10 päeva tagasi
Lazar: You can’t beat Minecraft without a little bit of diamonds. Dream: Watch Me.
gdplex 10 tundi tagasi
@Carlosgamer_thereal ?
Carlosgamer_thereal 8 päeva tagasi
You are not worthy F1 F2 F YOU
Dominic Esposito
Dominic Esposito 10 päeva tagasi
tyfightergaming YT
tyfightergaming YT 10 päeva tagasi
First place cheated
Sangeetha K
Sangeetha K 10 päeva tagasi
bro the mobs / mosters says nope in the chat say no u to boss and it gets the boss get s distroyed
ali seifi
ali seifi 10 päeva tagasi
good job king. who cares about dream.
Penny Hays
Penny Hays 11 päeva tagasi
Assael Aguirre
Assael Aguirre 11 päeva tagasi
I like your vis and you are so cool
Assael Aguirre
Assael Aguirre 11 päeva tagasi
Jennifer Trainer
Jennifer Trainer 11 päeva tagasi
thi how it is to play you in fortnite
Patrick Keane
Patrick Keane 11 päeva tagasi
Who is watching this in lockdown
Nightmare6Bonnie Clan
Nightmare6Bonnie Clan 11 päeva tagasi
Lukie Pooky
Lukie Pooky 11 päeva tagasi
Emily Klein
Emily Klein 12 päeva tagasi
Laver laver
Bannana god999
Bannana god999 12 päeva tagasi
Your baby mode record was beaten by a normal record
xXz havoc
xXz havoc 11 päeva tagasi
Max Ryan
Max Ryan 12 päeva tagasi
Btw lazar you’ll look like the singer from the Queen band in 10 years XD
Doc Holiday
Doc Holiday 12 päeva tagasi
Dream has been dethroned
Tabahi Bantai Memer
Tabahi Bantai Memer 12 päeva tagasi
Chotto mate
ralff flores
ralff flores 13 päeva tagasi
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