i broke every KILL RECORD

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no one is ever coming close to my records.. MASSIVE shoutout to everyone who helped create this and put the time in :) it was an honour to record with you.
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LazarBeam 6 місяців tagasi
i spent an entire week on this bloody video..
Gamer Girl Isla
Gamer Girl Isla 15 päeva tagasi
It deserves it I have liked
A Simple Revolution
A Simple Revolution 26 päeva tagasi
Can I join the cult
Jack Douglas
Jack Douglas Місяць tagasi
LazarBeam I liked subscribed and nolfcated
Slipncobra 2 місяці tagasi
LazarBeam well you know why you shouldn’t do dumb shoot
Katie White
Katie White 2 місяці tagasi
LazarBeam Don’t you remember when you was in creative and you literally smash everybody literally like 20,000 playing games literally like 20,000 30,000 I have no who are you do that but shut up to you I’m a give you like
Nathan Clark
Nathan Clark Tund tagasi
The wild clam legally seal because saturday histomorphometrically soothe abaft a troubled frog. stereotyped, flagrant pipe
Lyla Irvin
Lyla Irvin 4 tundi tagasi
Pros omg 20 bpm lannan 150 bom
Johnny Brianna
Johnny Brianna 7 tundi tagasi
What lazar got he got every kill record of everyone combined now that’s legit ness
Johnny Brianna
Johnny Brianna 7 tundi tagasi
Lazar let’s try and brake the kill record again
Erick Guzman
Erick Guzman 16 tundi tagasi
Epic games place must has exploded big as a nuke
Crazy Master
Crazy Master 23 tundi tagasi
Khang Tran
Khang Tran Päev tagasi
Houston a new kill recorded
Ishy's Big Video Channel
Ishy's Big Video Channel Päev tagasi
😯 wow
Stanley Good
Stanley Good Päev tagasi
I wonder how LazarBeams PC felt after this
Melissa Boardman
Melissa Boardman Päev tagasi
You sick
Sharon Teh
Sharon Teh Päev tagasi
ok wat now
Tweaky _-
Tweaky _- Päev tagasi
The main reason why Fortnite even got downtime
Jeanine Crystal
Jeanine Crystal Päev tagasi
12:36 go to this to see the final kill score
NexusDragon 5242
NexusDragon 5242 2 päeva tagasi
Now break your trick score record
Chindarah Puth
Chindarah Puth 2 päeva tagasi
Patty Fannin
Patty Fannin 2 päeva tagasi
I'm gonna do the bot thing 😂😎😁😁😁😁😁🤪🤪🤪🤪❤❤❤
xd DevFortbloxYT
xd DevFortbloxYT 2 päeva tagasi
This is probably mega hard because reboot vans have to recharge and one per person
Owen Schelde
Owen Schelde 2 päeva tagasi
For the 1% that see’s this you will achieve greatness.
Gamer 777
Gamer 777 2 tundi tagasi
Let’s be honest, you and I probably won’t be able to achieve anything except being a worker to the richest.
Jack SoCoolBro
Jack SoCoolBro 3 tundi tagasi
Dougie Little
Dougie Little 21 tund tagasi
Arik Dastgeer
Arik Dastgeer 2 päeva tagasi
Lazarbeam I broke My kill record 18,000 kills
Christopher Mansour
Christopher Mansour 2 päeva tagasi
use code: Lazer in every app
Mantaj Sekhon
Mantaj Sekhon 3 päeva tagasi
Why didn’t he go in creative turn fall damage on then kill em cause they can respawn
Sammy BS
Sammy BS 3 päeva tagasi
2:57 Jason’s dream came true
Arya Abolghasemi
Arya Abolghasemi 3 päeva tagasi
So, many, 150, DAMAGE MARKS
Adam Love
Adam Love 4 päeva tagasi
AceTeen11 Studios
AceTeen11 Studios 4 päeva tagasi
Lannan looks so dead inside after he woken up
Leo Adlam
Leo Adlam 4 päeva tagasi
Manoj Kumar Rajan
Manoj Kumar Rajan 4 päeva tagasi
7:38 thats where the map creator dies
Pierce Andreotti
Pierce Andreotti 5 päeva tagasi
This is what happens if you don’t use code lazar
Alexander Wilisow
Alexander Wilisow 5 päeva tagasi
"lazar beam was struck by the ban hammer" he doeant get atruck by the ban hammer :)
Mr pew webb
Mr pew webb 6 päeva tagasi
Stop swearing then you will have more subs😀😀😀
C Lyons
C Lyons 6 päeva tagasi
This shit is so funny
Kieran McCall
Kieran McCall 6 päeva tagasi
4:51 that default though
X8 Prosils
X8 Prosils 6 päeva tagasi
Hi guys
James Ouimet-Kannage
James Ouimet-Kannage 6 päeva tagasi
Stephanie Salois
Stephanie Salois 7 päeva tagasi
Steven plamondon
Steven plamondon 7 päeva tagasi
You are so crazy lannon
Greg Burke
Greg Burke 7 päeva tagasi
Can we all celebrate the fact that lazarbeam spent a god damn week just for our Entertainment cuz I think that's a really impressive most EEpostrs would just of quit and wouldn't do it but lazarbeam spent a goddamn week watching people die.
AADITYA KAUSHIK 7 päeva tagasi
i got 10000000000000000000000000000000000000 kills in duos
AADITYA KAUSHIK 7 päeva tagasi
can you plsssssssssssssssss send glactus boss a friend request and also tell freshiboy
Firey_Tin500 7 päeva tagasi
10:00 Lazar cult?
Gurshaan Deol
Gurshaan Deol 8 päeva tagasi
Wen are you going to play ctrcid plz frend me my username is fortnightproshaan
Phillipp Riccitelli
Phillipp Riccitelli 8 päeva tagasi
Fearless: gets 400 kills Lazarbeam: Gets thousands of kills Fearless: quits EEpost
Alicia Banegas
Alicia Banegas 9 päeva tagasi
This is the reason why lazarbeam should have more subs than mrbeast hes a way better youtuber
Vegeta Prince
Vegeta Prince 9 päeva tagasi
I don’t live we’re you live but I sub and like every vid
Metro Tmobile
Metro Tmobile 9 päeva tagasi
CarChronicle_YT 10 päeva tagasi
Imagine not hitting record
darren tumenta
darren tumenta 10 päeva tagasi
sub to lazar
Umut Osman Bayraktar
Umut Osman Bayraktar 10 päeva tagasi
in the last challenge lazarbeam had 1998 wood who saw that? :D
Ivan Romales
Ivan Romales 10 päeva tagasi
Lazarbeam:satisfying Me:very satisfying
Dio 11 päeva tagasi
Thanos: I killed half the universe. Lazarbeam: I killed half of Fortnite. Thanos: I command you my lord you have killed the virus
Dio 11 päeva tagasi
Lazarbeam pc: my time have finally come
Jace Shikany
Jace Shikany 11 päeva tagasi
He says that but when I wake up I’m finna do it
Jaxen Salvati
Jaxen Salvati 12 päeva tagasi
Valeria Castro
Valeria Castro 12 päeva tagasi
Erik Diehl
Erik Diehl 12 päeva tagasi
Where was the dumbshit sience Intro?😭😭😭😭
Charles Dabrowski
Charles Dabrowski 12 päeva tagasi
Someone: How much kills is your highest Lazarbeam: 136
Michele bentley
Michele bentley 13 päeva tagasi
the rock
the rock 13 päeva tagasi
Lazarbeam is a real god
Irene Holm Larsen
Irene Holm Larsen 15 päeva tagasi
51 51
Irene Holm Larsen
Irene Holm Larsen 15 päeva tagasi
Brogaard hav Manny Kjelds on Fortnite
Lochlain Lambie
Lochlain Lambie 15 päeva tagasi
On day he'll say I broke 1 million mats and ill do it I'll break the game he will lose
Saif Alzaabi
Saif Alzaabi 15 päeva tagasi
Code lazar
Lotte McNeary
Lotte McNeary 16 päeva tagasi
yeet l
Roger Bartley
Roger Bartley 17 päeva tagasi
zPhuocGaming 17 päeva tagasi
Wow that looks like torture the beating the world record of killing people
Hayk TerOvsepyan
Hayk TerOvsepyan 17 päeva tagasi
Love you so much that I saw somebody where your skin in Fortnite chapter 2 season four
Daniel Blake
Daniel Blake 17 päeva tagasi
My parents:When you grow up you can be any religion you want! 11yo me:Really?
Game Jammin
Game Jammin 18 päeva tagasi
imagine doing that for 5 days you guys are legends
Ian Cheung
Ian Cheung 18 päeva tagasi
Fz_Snowy YT
Fz_Snowy YT 18 päeva tagasi
Temple I see a dungeon
phasinthrugames 18 päeva tagasi
Lazarbeam:who wants to die for me in a vid Me:Beating Minecraft while waiting
reddy _dy
reddy _dy 18 päeva tagasi
omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg wow
Youssef Lashin
Youssef Lashin 19 päeva tagasi
3:00 Jason would be proud
FAZE Rio 19 päeva tagasi
WestCoastLarry 19 päeva tagasi
Arasay Napoles
Arasay Napoles 20 päeva tagasi
1038381 later:HEEEEEEEEEEE Me: BOI YOU 1028283827372727272727272727 later
Sarah McWilliam
Sarah McWilliam 20 päeva tagasi
Code lazer good job 😎
Claire Jackson
Claire Jackson 20 päeva tagasi
Debbie Rhoades
Debbie Rhoades 21 päev tagasi
are you going to shatter the record
Haziq Mustafa
Haziq Mustafa 21 päev tagasi
Why he so big brain
{•Løly • PøP•}
{•Løly • PøP•} 21 päev tagasi
Me: ThAt AlOt oF DamAge-
Camden Moore
Camden Moore 21 päev tagasi
Nisrine Moussa
Nisrine Moussa 21 päev tagasi
Ninja:lazerbeam obviously not that famous Me:lazerbeam obviously that famous
Justas 22 päeva tagasi
its like a tf2 strange gun's kills farm server lmao
Be4stly_N00b 22 päeva tagasi
the map looks like hell...or what i think hell would look like.....
Super Lucky
Super Lucky 23 päeva tagasi
Who else doesn’t really care how many subscribers he has and just watches his vids? Or is it just me. PS: sorry lazar
Ahmadturky Ahmadturky
Ahmadturky Ahmadturky 23 päeva tagasi
My record is 1Q
Oliredbee 2.0
Oliredbee 2.0 24 päeva tagasi
I’m sure Lazar is enjoying this so much but I feel bad for the people dying in the death chamber
keith jackson
keith jackson 24 päeva tagasi
PanPokes 26 päeva tagasi
how special needs server looks like in fortnite....
Gary Morris
Gary Morris 26 päeva tagasi
The beat gun:grey pistol :scar :(
Landon's wild fun adventures
Landon's wild fun adventures 26 päeva tagasi
Hay ... I'm dumb to 🐽🐸🐸🐸🐷🐷
Dawson Jacobs
Dawson Jacobs 26 päeva tagasi
Laser beam this is the best video in history
Sam Wickens
Sam Wickens 28 päeva tagasi
Jayden Sussman
Jayden Sussman 28 päeva tagasi
Spyro 28 päeva tagasi
I love u lazar :)
Hasaan Siddique
Hasaan Siddique 29 päeva tagasi
anybody in 2020... OH IT IS STILL 2020 DAMN LOCKDOWN
Hasaan Siddique
Hasaan Siddique 29 päeva tagasi
NOBODY: LAZAR BEAM: giving shoutout to epic games developers hile playing their games
Jen Mail
Jen Mail Місяць tagasi
Lazarbeam: the meme baby Muselk: the loud yelling baby Lachlan: the sweaty baby Cray: the mustache baby Fresh: the babysitter
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